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Jon Horvath

Financial Analyst | Entrepreneur | Cryptocurrency Expert

Jon Horvath


Jon Horvath is a financial analyst who specializes in trading within the stock market. Over the years, he has always found himself looking for ways to improve the things in life he was passionate about. He is originally from North Sweden and came to Canada in the 1st grade. Therefore, his family wanted him to be able to have many opportunities to build a great life. Jon Horvath did so by continuing his education from Queen’s University in Toronto before transferring to Northwestern University. His goal was to take what he loves and make it his career.

It was clear that Jon Horvath would make a name for himself quickly in the financial world. His start into finance was quicker than most. It is key to stay on top of your work to see that success. Rather than going with the 9-5 flow early on, it would be beneficial to put extra hours earlier. Management is always looking to differentiate people who work for them. Therefore, they recognize those who put in the extra effort. It is crucial to set daily goals and constantly prioritize your day! Furthermore, when Jon Horvath first began he was shortly after promoted to Senior Analyst for a company in New York City.

Passion Turned into Business

From his ability to predict and see what WILL be needed, he was able to invent Modus cameras. Modus cameras were developed to help sports athletes. Furthermore, it allowed them to program how little or how much they wanted to be recorded. It was an avenue to offer higher professional recordings before POV and GoPro became popular. This is a company he continues to put his time and energy into, as he is always looking for it to succeed. He stresses the importance of re-evaluating one’s business. As new generations and ideas continue to arrive, it’s key to stay in touch with societal changes for success. Nothing will remain the same as it once was before.