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Jon Horvath

Pacifica, CA

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Cryptocurrency Expert


Jon Horvath

Jon Horvath is a dynamic finance executive, entrepreneur, and former Wall Street analyst. With over 30 years of experience working in the finance sector, Jon has become known for his disciplined process focused approach, intellectual honesty, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Currently, as the Founder and CEO of atan2 Corp, Jon headed the development of MOTUS, an autonomous tracking camera system for sports. Additionally, Jon is an avid blogger, sharing his expertise in the realms of cryptocurrency and stocks.


Media Features

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BTC- The Bottom is in and Fundamentals are Looking Up!


ard to believe that our last Bitcoin piece Is the bottom in for Bitcoin? Probably not, but we’re finally getting close! was published over four months ago. We noted in this piece that the 2014 downturn implied we had about 3 months left …

Jon Horvath Interview: Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur


I am a big action-sports fan, always have been. I was using a do-it-yourself point-of-view (POV) camera way before Go Pro was on the market. Exciting at first, the endless scenery from POV cameras got very tiring and redundant …

Jon Horvath

Scrooged- How Corporate Tax Cuts in the US Are Immediately Captured by the Wealthy


Are the corporate tax cuts in the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act an effective way to stimulate economic growth? We will follow two different fiscal stimulus dollars under two different stimulus scenarios though the economy to see which has …